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December 18, 2017

Quiet Time at The Nubble

Another great morning at Nubble light this morning. There was little to no color in the sky today so there was no crowd at all. Just me and some bird watchers. With no color to speak of and a very low and calm tide, I figured it was a good morning to change things up a bit. I fought the urge to head out to my favorite overlook and spent some time exploring different angles to see if I could find a home away from home so to speak. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 600+ images of The Nubble since Februrary and I don't think I have any at all with any compositions like these 3. The Black and White Image was by far the most difficult. There is a reason there are not a ton of photos from this angle and that is "POWER LINES". I spent a bit of time in photoshop making them disappear for this image. Some will say thats cheating, I say that is just making images. Hope you enjoy these frames and as always please share if you do

December 16 2017

"One Hour at The Nubble"

This blog entry was supposed to be about a quick visit to Higgins Beach in Scarborough, Maine this morning. As you may have noticed from the images and the title, that is not the case. On the ride home from a trip up the coast this morning I was eyeing all the cloud formations that were popping up and started thinking about my favorite spot out on the rocks. I was only home for a minute when I decided I needed to head right back out to spend a little time at "The Office". The tide was very low and the sea was just super calm. In the time I was there the tide didn't even seem to move an inch. That gave me just enough comfort to trek a little further out onto some more remote outcroppings that I have been eying but never dared to explore. The cold was very tolerable and I thought I would see how many different looks I could get from this one spot. I took 180 shots in a little over an hour. Only moving withing the confines of this rock about the size of a volkswagen bug. In the first shot you can see the snow sqaul as I used a fairly fast shutter speed to catch the fine flakes as they wisped about. Then I slowed up the shutter speed considerably to "smooth" things out a bit and as the darkness came I just continued to slow the shutter speed, change focal lengths and focal points. By the end I was at 15 seconds and there was still just enough light to use that time to make for some magical clouds behind the decorated lighthouse. I really felt like I did get at least 5 different good takes from that one vantage point. In post, I tried to give them each their own treatment trying to bring out the essence of each moment as I felt it. I'd love to read your comments and thoughts about todays images. Please comment below and as always share if you like em !

December 15, 2017

I know, I know...your sick of Nubble images ! The bad news is I highly doubt I will stop with them anytime soon. The good news is that I suffered a tiny bit to get these. When I strapped myself into my Jeep this morning the temperature read 10 degrees. Pretty sure thats the coldest I have seen this season and it felt it. After getting setup on the rocks I noticed something was amiss with my gear. This time it was my super inexpensive wireless trigger that I recently snagged of off ebay from Neewer. OK, in the spirit of all honestly after getting home I learned that something was amiss with the photographer and not the gear. Typically that is what I find out after further investigation. There were just enough clouds offshore to paint the sky with an amazing gradient that was one for the ages. I remember from back in my hunting days that the few minutes just after the sun breaks the horizon is the coldest part of the day. This morning only fortified that belief as it seemed that just as the sun crested the horizon the cold went from "uncomfortable" to "time to go". As I drove across Long Sands Beach I noticed another scene that I felt really told the story of the morning so I having had just enough time in the Jeep to get feeling back in my hands I headed out onto the beach to capture the moment. I found a rock outcropping to set up on, only to find myself spending a little too long and ended up surrounded by the frozen scene I had stopped to capture. Quickly folding up the tripod with camera still attached I clumsily scampered across the icy rocks, slipping and sliding all the way. I am thinking of hiring my son as a videographer to video me on my shoots cause some of the dumbass stuff I get myself into is surely more entertaining than another Nubble image. Hope you enjoy todays images. They didn't come easy.

December 14, 2017

"All That Glitters is Gold"

Most mornings after I visit The Nubble I head over to the Town Docks in York Harbor and many days have started with me attempting to make an image with the moorings that have been yanked from the bottom of the harbor as part of the ongoing dredging project. Today I finally succeeded. The sun just made these moorings superstars on this chilled December Morning. It was an interesting juxtaposition with the warm glow of the early morning sun encasing these frozen solid masses of concrete as they floated in near freezing sea water. This harbor has its own kind of magic even in the dead of winter on the coldest of days. You can always feel the energy of the working docks even when there is not a soul around. Every time I visit these docks I am transported back to somewhere around 1980 or so, I am with my mom and we are fishing my crab trap, the lobstermen are coming in with the days haul and I am having the time of my life ! The smells, the sounds, and even the sights really have not changed at all over the decades. I am very thankful to all the fishermen and women around here and everywhere, for without you these places would not exist. I would not have the memories I have as child, nor would I have the inspiration as photographer now that I am pretending to be an adult.

December 14, 2017

Raining Stars On The Nubble

Deember 14, 2017

Where do I start ? I guess I will start with a huge thank you to all of you that have been following along since I started this journey a few months back. Today we reached 400 followers and that is pretty exciting. Something else I am also very excited about is the launch of my official website . Now you can see all my work in one central and easy to navigate location. The images are considerably better quality than what Facebook allows so you can see my images much closer to how they are intended to look. You will also be able to purchase prints, canvases and many many other items in a wide variety of sizes. I try to get out everyday to make an image worth looking at and when I do I share them here and a few other places. I know many of you like to use them for cover photos and that is wonderful. Obviously if I am sharing, then I know there is no way to stop people from using them but if you really like the image and want to use it for your Facebook page or on the web for personal use please consider “purchasing” a personal web use download license. It is only $1.00....yeah thats right 1 DOLLAR. That will make getting out every day a little easier and help keep the coffee flowing. This is how I survive so your contributions mean more to me than words could ever describe. Enough of the shameless self promotion and lets talk about todays image. As many of you know we just experienced the Geminid Meteor Shower. It actually kind of snuck up on me and at the last minute I decided to try and see what it looked like up at The Nubble Lighthouse in Cape Neddick, Maine. It was quite the spectacular show for a little while. The wind was howling, it was 19 degrees and felt like 20 below. I hastily set up on a spot that I was hopeful would catch at least a few “shooting stars” as the majority seemed to be coming from areas other than those that would be helpful for this image. After setting my Nikon D750 up on the sturdiest tripod I have access too I let it rip off 12o images at F 5.6 and 30 seconds at ISO 400. While that was happening I hunkered down on some rocks and stared up at the sky for the next hour. I counted 40+ “shooting stars” while I was there and caught a small handful on the camera. Looking up at the stars made me think of all of us and how small we are, how we at times seem so close but at others seem a million miles apart. It wasn’t long before I was so mesmerized that I completely forgot I was frozen solid. I realized then that I really wanted to share this with my wife Colleen so I texted here and made arrangements to head back home to get her. As I was leaving I noticed the clouds coming in sadly. When we returned the show was pretty much over and we only saw a few glimpses here and there. Here is my somewhat fantasy look at “Raining Stars On The Nubble “ Link to purchase included below

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